We typically offer websites to home users, the self employed, and small businesses.

A discount is available for charitable organisations registered with the Charity Commission – please see our price list for more information.


Many people do not need or cannot afford high end web design estimates as offered by other designers and agencies.

We tend to offer customisation of existing themes to keep both the price and the time required down to a minimum for you. Each website is designed and built based on your specifications.

If you do not need to update the site frequently, we may recommend a static HTML based website.

If the site needs a blogging feature or has to be updated often, we generally recommend WordPress.

We do build eCommerce web shops, typically using either Opencart, Prestashop, or Magento, but can arrange for simple, smaller stores to be created in WordPress.

No idea what any of this means? No worries – talk to us, we will explain everything.

Websites are a way of life to us – we don’t just design and build them, we use them. We have been using and administrating Opencart, Prestashop and WordPress websites for five years now – we understand the little web design issues that will slow you down better than most eCommerce developers.


Obviously, if you are not sure about anything, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to discuss a design with you, either online or face to face – the cafe bar at the Pheonix Square does a great range of teas and coffees! 🙂

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