This post shows you a quick way to monitor page not found (404) errors and redirect (301) them to an existing page, using a simple WordPress plugin.


We are using the SEO Redirection Plugin by Fakhri Alsadi.

SEO Redirection Plugin


Install the plugin.

You can find it in the Settings Menu, under SEO Redirection.

In this screenshot you can see I’ve actually already added some 301 redirections to this site. This screen and the “404 Error links” tab are the ones you’ll use the most.


Only one 404 at the minute – I try to keep on top of them.

This one is likely due to a misconfiguration somewhere – the user is accessing rather than – no idea why.


Go and grab the actual link for the page. In this case it is just a matter of the / rather than ///.

In the 404 error links section, press the green arrow and paste in the page you intend to redirect to. Press ‘Add New’.

All done.


We’ve set up a 301 to the proper page.


Keep an eye on the 404 error section of this plugin. Not only does it let you direct your customers to the proper place, it may also give you hints about possible attacks, or server vulnerabilities.

I frequently get a few hundred 404s from Russian botnets trying to access directories like /admin/ /login/ /upload/ or files like upload.php, filemanager.php, etc. If you like, you can 301 them to the site – I just redirect them to / though.


I hope this helped.